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Screenstory is a small video production company that specialises in online productions. Whether you are a business, a provider of a service, or any organisation with a message worth sharing, Screenstory is here to help get your story on the screen. Websites and social media are becoming more and more essential for organisations to connect with their audience, and to turn contacts and visitors into customers. At Screenstory we are passionate and dedicated to help you maximise this ever growing medium and to capture the attention and imagination of your audience.

From live action footage to motion graphics – or even a combination – we have the creative solutions you need.

Check out our products and get in contact with us – we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Videography Services

Online Ads

Using live footage, motion graphics, or a combination of both, Screenstory can make a professional and creative web ad for your organisation. Whether it’s a product launch, an event, an infomercial, or you just want to strengthen your brand awareness and let people know who you are, Screenstory has the creative solution for you. Check out the examples of both live action and motion graphic online ads.

Interviews and Training Videos

Whether  you’re looking to make a training video or product demonstration for your staff or customers, or perhaps  if you want to share an interview or video podcast – we can produce a professional, high quality video for you.

Kinetic Typography

Strange name, but what it means is simply ‘moving text’. You’ll notice that TV commercials use KT all the time – and with very good reason. Text can be… well… boring! KT brings boring to life! It gets your message across in a way that viewers will watch – and remember. KT is a fantastic and simple way of drip feeding your social media or website with regular informative messages at a very reasonable price. Another great benefit… did you know that uploading regular videos to your site increases your online search visibility? Our KT packages are a great solution!

Videos by ScreenStory

Kinetic Typography

Circle Movement Promo

Steve Forrest Music Web Ad

Bodyguard Intro Video

Erina Service Centre Web Ad

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